It is the mission of Youth Business Adventure to help South Dakota high school students and teachers to better understand the American private enterprise system and how business operates within it.

Online Student Application Form

Three Step Application Form

1. To be completed by the student and parent or guardian

Fill out parts 1 and 2 and please submit electronically by February 27, 2018, for processing. The counselor from your high school will be contacted to receive your scores in Part 3. (Address, phone, and e-mail will be included in a participant's directory)

I understand that if I am selected to attend YBA, I will submit a nonrefundable $250 registration fee to the YBA office. (Do not send money with this form.) I have read and agree to abide by the program safety guidelines. I understand this program is challenging as well as fun. I also understand my parents and I will need to sign a hard copy which states we both understand the rules of YBA.

2. To be completed by student:

Please explain in one paragraph why you would like to attend YBA. This statement will be used in selecting participants. If left blank, applicant will not be considered.

Scholastic and extracurricular activities (Indicate activity with number of years involvement):

3. Student rating:

Students will need to submit a school picture if selected to be used in press releases. Students will be contacted by March 15, 2018, by mail with acceptance information.

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