It is the mission of Youth Business Adventure to help South Dakota high school students and teachers to better understand the American private enterprise system and how business operates within it.

South Dakota Youth Business Adventure

What is YBA?

South Dakota Youth Business Adventure is a week-long summer program, planned and implemented by business people for the purpose of opening the world of South Dakota business opportunities to the state's young people. With ever tightening school budgets, many South Dakota high schools no longer offer a full business curriculum. Our youth have little exposure to, and even less understanding of, the business world. For the most part, their understanding of business is largely based on negative portrayals in the news, on TV, and in the movies. YBA is an exciting program that will definitely give you the "business advantage" when planning your future career! Remember...nearly every profession in America is a business, that includes doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

Who sponsors the YBA program?

YBA is sponsored by the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The YBA office is located in Pierre. The program has been held annually since 1980, with over 6,500 students and 500 educators having attended YBA.

Who is eligible to attend?

Students that have completed their junior or sophomore year in high school are welcome to apply to attend Youth Business Adventure. The only requirements of attending YBA is that a student is endorsed by their school as a responsible individual, and they are interested in actively participating in a program geared toward planning for a future in business.

Educators (teachers, principals and counselors) are also invited to attend YBA!

Is YBA all work?

Absolutely not. YBA is a co-ed program with various recreational and social activities such as a dance, bowling, and swimming, to name a few. There will be many opportunities to meet and make new friends from across the state. At YBA students will be assigned to groups of 11-13 students, guided through the week by a business executive. Students' learning experiences include competitive games, speakers, panel discussions, films, on-site tours of local businesses, and group skits as well as other learning activities. Ask around your high school to see if a senior or junior attended YBA last summer. They will be able to tell you how great an experience YBA is!

What does YBA cost?

If you are accepted into the program, YBA will cost you a $250 nonrefundable registration fee. Students who have restricted financial resources can request that the registration fee be reduced. Requests will be honored, depending upon circumstances. Your food, lodging, materials, and activity expenses will be paid for by a South Dakota business contribution of $550. However, sponsors do not pay your $250 registration fee. Financial aid is available; please contact Jasper at 605-224-6161 with questions.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application or visit your school counselor or business teacher for a paper application. You will be notified by mail on or before March 15, 2018 on your selection to attend YBA.

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